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Tony-Laura started practicing Yoga two years ago in Hong Kong to find a suitable balance between her job in the event industry and her own needs.

She has learned many different styles from great international Yoga teachers. Furthermore she improved her Yoga practice very quickly and was inspired by trips and travels concerning Yoga practice.

After regular practice she fell in love with the Yoga path, followed her dreams and completed her teacher training in the Yogiworld India.

Today she is creating a combination of her own Yoga style called 'Creative Vinyasa'. It is a unique flow sequence with dance-like elements and energetic soundtracks. She believes that moving your body in a creative flow is a great way to completely open up yourself, feeling free and live each moment in a more mindful way.

She likes to call herself a dynamic Yogi nomade who is also up for a joke between the Asanas.

Tony-Laura is passionate about learning and being inspired and continues to attend Yoga workshops around the world.


• 200hr Vinyasa YTTC, Diya Yoga, Goa India (Yoga alliance registered)

• 50hr Inside Flow YTTC, Athayoga, Zurich (Yoga alliance registered)


Tony-Laura is currently teaching at MFit/ Migros Fitnesspark Winterthur and temporarily in traditional Yoga studios. 

Her main focus is dedicated to the project „UniqueYogaPlace“. She wants to bring Yoga out of the studios, practicing outdoors and create inspiring events.

Tony-Laura likes: 

• Living out of moving boxes

• Water, in all kind of ways

• Asia

• Dancing in the rain

• Mother nature

Tony-Laura dislikes:

• Coffee

• Utkatasana

• Complexity in all kind of forms

• Cold