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Lea has practiced yoga for many years but it is only a few years ago she felt ready for Yoga on a different and spiritual level.

A significant step was her decision to leave a career working for the law enforcement and going back to where her heart is: Working with people who need legal and social support.

After getting lots of teaching education she is now enjoying the mix of legal work and teaching Yoga in different locations.

Following the physical and spiritual growth of her students gives her joy and inspires her own growth as a teacher.

Lea’s lessons are a mix of Vinyasa Yoga inspired by her own practice of years of traditional Ashtanga yoga. Her lessons are dynamic and may make you sweat. Don’t be scared, you will always have a good laugh in her lessons as well.


Because every Yin needs its Yang Lea got her Yin-Yoga teacher’s training

as well, so you can also expect some calming Yin elements in her lessons. 


Lea has completed Teachertrainings for Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin and Elemental theory TCM in Bali, Switzerland and India. 

She also has completed an education in Thai-Yogamassage as well. As a devoted practitioner and student she will never stop learning and will be traveling and connecting with teachers worldwide. 


Right now Lea is teaching at Reebok Crossfit Zurich and is dedicated to the various projects you will find on this Website.

Lea also offers private lessons and Thaiyogamassage as well. 

Lea likes:

• The smell of fresh chateau

• Walking barefoot

• Vacuum cleaning

• Tattoos and purple hair color

• Laughing until her tummy hurts


Lea dislikes:


• Sticky fingers

• Pizza Hawaii

• Excel programs in every form

• Elevators