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The path of being a Yoga student is never ending. 2019 was a wonderful and important year for us.

We grew, and we also grew together as a strong team with a passion for Yoga (and for unique places).

UniqueYoga was born and we enjoyed last summer very much with all the flows (Saturdays at Letten)

as well as the wonderful times with our dedicated students who joined our events.

We are Yoga teachers by heart and see this as a privilege as well as a responsibility to give our best.

Therefore to move forward we will take time in 2020 to deepen our own practice and keep on learning

from the world’s best teachers.

Tony will be traveling in South Africa and Asia and Lea is going back to India for further practice.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. 

You will hear from us and will be back with you soon.

Love Lea and Tony

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